About DrupalCamp Taipei

Drupalcamp is a big event that hosted and delivered by local community in everywhere of world. The form of it includes conference sessions, traning courses, BOF, etc.

Drupalcamp Taipei has started from 2010, now approching its 4th occation (historical data: 201020112012). In past years, the Drupal Taiwan community, leading by site administrators and with a lot of contribution from volunteers, has delivered three successful drupalcamp and dozens of local meetup. These regular activities made more people to know drupal and created many opportunities for drupalers in Taiwan to know, share with or collaborate with each others.

Drupalcamp Taipei 2013 will be delivered on 7/6(Sat) and 7/7(Sun), National Taipei University of Technology. This time, as  before, we have great kynote speechs, plenty sessions on drupal techenology, website remodeling drupalthon and paid traning workshops.

Join us right away! Please register, buy a ticket, submit a session proposal!